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We can show you Bergamo as no one has ever done, but always through your traveler's eyes. But there is more! We let you live Bergamo as you would live it.

You have just reserved your stay on and you are satisfied because you managed to get a great accommodation in Bergamo!

But you’re a TRUE traveler.

You are not only interested in the city’s historical monuments; you also wish to live the city as its inhabitants would do. You would like to discover its secrets and its hidden treasures, as every true Bergamasco would do, according to your passions, objectives and desires.

Well, this means you are looking for BERGAMO FOR YOU, you just don’t know it yet.

You will discover stories that no one knows. Intriguing stories that will make your heart beat faster, such as:

“The story of a jail turned into a restaurant in Bergamo’s historical center.”

“The story of a wine bar established long before the discovery of America.”

“The story of a white rock in the city’s main square center used to punish traitors”

How do we know all these stories? Simple enough: because we live in the historical center. Actually, we have been for years and we know all its secrets. This is why we can take you off the beaten path.

BERGAMO FOR YOU is offered in: Italian, English, French, German and Spanish.

There is a city to “look at”, there is a city to tell: its community, people’s stories, places’ history, its charm, its traditions. There is a city to experience. BERGAMO FOR YOU discover more with us! 


Perhaps you are not convinced yet? Then you may check the following reviews by the travellers who have chosen to sightsee Bergamo with us:

Bergamo4U is a great idea to discover Bergamo apart the touristic attractions. Read more...

Bella sorpresa Bergamo4U, visitare la città senza perdere tempo nelle sue pieghe e nella sua intimità!

…abbiamo conosciuto quelle caratteristiche che rivelano il carattere della città Bergamo e che ti fanno sentire “dentro” la città.

Ci avete fatto vivere due ore di assoluta felicità, fantastiche e piene di fascino… Read more...

We had come to Bergamo the evening before, so we had not had time to discover so much, so this opportunity came perfect in time for us 🙂 Read more...

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